About Us

Our Mission

Aadita is an initiative which aims to highlight and aid various social and environmental concerns in India which require urgent action. We aim to create a community of like-minded individuals with a common goal to further sustainable development in one space, hoping that their collaborations and contributions help grow an institution where social change is the norm.


What We Do?

Aadita is a social initiative that is creating an online platform to connect social organisations with people in India to provide them with volunteers and fundraising opportunities. We are here to serve as an intermediary between various social initiatives and connect them to the volunteers they need.
At Aadita, we give our users the opportunity to work towards a cause that they believe in. Our goal is to inspire and encourage our users to work towards making a difference. We aim to do this by creating informative content to spread awareness about current social and environmental concerns. We also provide them with feasible solutions and facilitate the process of change through our website. 

Our Team

Aadita is co-founded by two tenth graders, Kaavya Indrayan and Arzu Thareja, who share a vision of an equal and sustainable India. Kaavya and Arzu created ‘Aadita’ as they believe that in order to better the world, we must take action now. Through Aadita, they aim to empower the youth of India and help them make a difference. 

Arzu Thareja

Co-Founder of Aadita, is currently a grade 10 student at The United World College of South East Asia, Singapore. Her passions include singing and playing basketball, and she is an avid reader and writer. Having grown up in India, Arzu has an understanding of the various environmental and social concerns around her and believes it is her duty to contribute towards these issues and take action, in whatever way possible. 

Kaavya Indrayan

Co-Founder of Aadita, is currently a grade 10 student at The Shri Ram School, Moulsari. She’s a dedicated athlete and enjoys studying Business Studies, Math and English at school. Kaavya is a passionate writer and highlights various issues faced by women and teenagers in India in her blog. After writing about these causes for the last four years, she realized that writing alone was not enough to make a difference. Which is when, together, Arzu and Kaavya came up with ‘Aadita’.

Why Work with Us

At Aadita, we strive towards making the process of volunteering easier. We achieve this through a two-pronged approach which is beneficial to both social organizations and volunteers. We are committed to helping you make a difference in a more efficient and simple way. Aadita provides social organizations with a platform to not only gain publicity for themselves but also helps them find a stable base of volunteers who would take the responsibility to do work ranging from volunteering regularly to hosting fundraisers and publicity events. With informative content, showcasing these organizations and their work, along with frequent updates, volunteers will know exactly what each NGO is looking for and will sign up accordingly. At Aadita, we aim to provide our volunteers with a wide variety of NGOs focusing on various areas, ranging from human rights to environmental concerns. We connect volunteers with the right organizations and allow them to effectively contribute towards a cause that they are passionate about. Not only do we simplify the process of volunteering and social work, we also make it more efficient.

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