Animal Welfare

Happy Paws

Project Happy Paws is an initiative that aims to collect and donate necessary supplies to animal care centres in Delhi-NCR. We are currently partnered with SGACC in New Delhi, working on expanding our network as we receive further donations.
Animal shelters in Delhi majorly run on donations, and there is not enough being donated during these times of the pandemic to ensure optimal care for our furry friends. It is then that we founded Project Happy Paws, running by the simple motto, “two for four”.

Youth For Animals

Youth for Animals strongly believes that animal confinement for entertainment – where people find pleasure by treating suffering animals like an art gallery – are not required. We are in full support of sanctuaries and rescue centers, where the main purpose is to help animals rather than appeal to the public.
We believe in raising our voices. YFA has taken multiple initiatives so far, such as launching a creative artistic campaign, contributing to an environmental debate, contacting multiple animal welfare organizations, raising awareness through our social media platforms, writing a variety of articles, composing different artistic pieces such as sketches and photography, and has further plans to start interviews with environmental experts and animal welfare leaders.

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