Our Team

Our Team

Aadita is co-founded by two 10th graders, Kaavya Indrayan and Arzu Thareja, who share a vision of an equal and sustainable India. Kaavya and Arzu created ‘Aadita’ as they believe that in order to better the world, we must take action now. Through Aadita, they aim to empower the youth of India and help them make a difference.

Arzu Thareja, co-founder of Aadita, is currently a grade 11 student at The United World College of South East Asia, Singapore. Her passions include singing and playing basketball, and she is an avid reader and writer. Having grown up in India, Arzu has an understanding of the various environmental and social concerns around her and believes it is her duty to contribute towards these issues and take action, in whatever way possible.

Kaavya Indrayan, Co-founder of Aadita, is currently a grade 11 student at The Shri Ram School, Moulsari. She’s a dedicated athlete and enjoys studying Economics, Math and Psychology in school. Kaavya is also a passionate writer and highlights various issues faced by women and teenagers in India in her blog – Embracing the Chaos. After writing about these causes for the last four years, she realized that writing alone was not enough to make a difference, which is when she started her other initiative: Aadita. When she is not on the field, studying, writing, or working towards her projects, Kaavya, being a vocalist, can be found singing or reading.

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